Monday, August 7, 2017

Larkin pitching a fit and freebie

This is going to be one long week! Got Larkin on Saturday and I'm ready to send her back home. Except her mother told me today to tell her she is out of town all week. Larkin is usually sweet but she is immature for her age and too clingy and quick to say she can't do things. She wants constant attention and is huggy kissy pulling on me every other minute. It's too much.

Saturday I took her to do some shopping and it went pretty well but was tiring. Had a nice dinner together and later watched a Disney movie while munching popcorn. If I got up and left the room for more than a minute, Larkin had to come looking for me. Yesterday did not go so well. We worked on writing her letters and reading a little. I'm trying to get her ready to repeat first grade, hoping with some extra help she will do better. She is too quick to say she can't do this or that and I've talked to her about it. She wants to be treated like a baby with us doing everything for her but I refuse. She can dress her self. Want a drink of water? She can get that for herself. I'm not asking her to do anything she isn't capable of doing. When she got upset with her Papa last night, Larkin came in to me and complained of a tummy ache, crying and carrying on. After a time it became apparent that she wasn't sick, hadn't eaten too much popcorn as I thought. Then it was wanting to go home to her mother. It was 10:30 p.m. at night and I explained her Mom was asleep. Eventually she told me the truth, we went in to talk to Papa and I told her we could talk about it again in the morning.

Today, my husband fed Larkin breakfast and left to take my father to get his teeth cleaned. I insisted Larkin let me have time to eat my breakfast and read a little. Then it was time to give her a bubble bath and shampoo her hair. Her hair is past her waist so it took some detangler and a lot of time to get it combed out. A little time to work with her letters, then lunch time. A little cartoon time, and then my husband was home with her and I finally got a shower and brief nap. When I started to write this post, he had fixed her dinner and gone in to watch the news. Next thing I know, she is crying and carrying on. I go in to see what is wrong and she starts the tummy ache mess again. After much carrying on it becomes apparent that she is unhappy because we aren't in there paying her attention every minute. My husband tried talking to her, even explaining that we have our own lives and she can't expect us to be with her every single minute. I told her that while I love her I do not like this behavior and will not put up with lies to get attention. Now a thunder storm has hit and she is still saying she wants to go home, doesn't need a doctor (because no tummy ache). John has her on the phone to her mother, who earlier told me to tell Larkin she was out of town for the week. She's enjoying her break. It's pouring down like crazy and I think we ought to just give her a time out and ignore the crocodile tears. I've had enough, no more patience. This is like having a two year old. I imagine she has pulled this mess before and gotten away with it. Why don't parents understand that when they allow children to get their way all the time and get away with such nonsense, they are just setting the stage for more of it?

Anyway, before I lose electricity, here is today's zip:

God give me patience and quickly please!

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