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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Meet A Real SKrapper!

SKrapper Digitals

Sherah of SKrapper Digitals had no problem at all coming up with a name for her digital graphics company. The seventh of nine children, Sherah was born three months premature at a mere three pounds, three ounces. She was so small and fragile, her parents - especially her father - were anxious about her survival. However, the first time Sherah's father gave her a bottle, he was impressed by how forcefully she gulped it down. His tiny daughter demonstrated to him with that simple survival skill that she was going to be, in his terms, a real "scrapper" - someone who would fight hard to do what she wanted to do and would overcome obstacles to meet her goals. Throughout her lifetime, Sherah would hear this numerous times. So when it came time to take a chance on marketing her digital designs, the company had to be Scrapper Digitals. Because her first name begins with "S" and the initial of her married name is "K," Sherah decided to change the spelling of "scrapper" a bit making the name SKrapper Digitals.

This young designer grew up in the suburbs, the daughter of a preacher. When she was younger, she wanted to be an interior designer, but did not follow through on this dream in terms of a career. While she has never had any formal art training, Sherah has always loved to draw and dabble in various arts and crafts. When she was pregnant with her first child, she decided to make a scrapbook for the baby and discovered digital scrapbooking. As soon as she realized she could make her own papers and elements in Photoshop, she was off and running with it. Once a freelance photgrapher, Sherah has been playing with some type of photo-editing software for about eight years.

In May of 2007, Sherah officially made the leap into digital designing using Photoshop 7.0. She describes her style as ecclectic. The beauty she finds in nature is one of the major influences in her work. Her interest in interior design, historical events, and her friends and family provide further inspiration. An optomistic person who loves about every type of arts and crafts, Sherah loves to sing, to laugh, to bring a smile to others. This too is evident in her work as you will see when you visit her blogs:

Currently, her kits are for sale at the following locations: &

When she isn't designing, you will find Sherah, a belliever in happy endings working on a dream with her husband. They have purchased a piece of land that used to be an auto junkyard and are spending their spare time cleaning it up so that one day it can become a "farm/garden/orchard." If it can be done, this talented Skrapper will do it.


Deb said...

Lovely article! I just saw that last kit at Stone Accents today, thought it was pretty!

SKrapper Digitals said...

woohoo! my first interview ever! :-)