Friday, September 7, 2007

I've been tagged!

When I started checking messages lst night, I saw that Chrysti tagged me to tell you 6 quirky things about myself. Since there are so many, this shouldn't be too hard.

1) I'm friends with my ex-husband. Most people find that strange but we've known each other since we were 5 and share a son, so after the initial adversarial behavior when we agreed to divorce, we got back to where we can be friends and really mean it.

2) I have brain damage -- oh stop laughing! I'm serious; I really do. I've got problems with my equilibrium that is not related to inner ear problems. This is coming from damage to my central nervous system - brain stem area- following an MVA. Had been managing it pretty well and even doing a good job of ignoring the looks I get when I'm not compensating well (like when I'm sick or over-tired) and walk into things. Has been worse lately so now in balance training.

3) I'm a night owl (so is my son) and do my best creative work (art or writing) late at night - typically after midnight.

4) I will only eat fresh tomatoes if the gooky seed part is removed. DOn't say that's where the flavor is. It's the mucusy texture that grosses me out.

5) When I write, it's not uncommon for me to start in the middle of things. No, I don't mean the media res thing. Let's say I'm writing a lierary ananlysis. Chances are that the first few paragraphs I write are going to end up being moved to the somewhere in the middle of the text when I revise.

6) When I had an office or cube, I always kept it spotless and neat - everything in its place. At home, I'm a slob. Its not that I don't like clean, orderly houses because I do. But even before I became disabled, housework was low on my priority list. Some of the problem is that I collect . . . well, clutter. Papers and books beside my rocker, various collections of stuff around the computer. I can't pass up stuff for art and have run out of storage space. Ditto with lovely old things. I've never been able to afford the big antiques like furniture but have collections of vintage buttons, teacups, etc., etc. My son has already told me to downsize and make life easier for myself and for him when I'm gone. He's assured me that she who dies with the most books, or fabric, or beads, or paper supplies is not the winner. Darn! thought I had a shot at winning.

Now, who can I tag?
1) Blushbutter
2)Tina Williams
3) Idgie
4) AlabamaStoneThrower
5) Krista
6) Bannerwoman

Okay ladies, tell us something interesting.


~TinaW~ said...

heeheehee, thanks for the tag! I think ;)

Chrysti said...

Love your list!