Sunday, September 16, 2007

Looking For Digital Designs With A Warm Heritage Feel?

Once you discover Tina WIlliams Designs, you may not look further. The on-line digital scrapbooking store with this name is a treasure trove for those wanting papers and elements for their heritage pages. However, don't stop reading if you're not especially interested in heritage or vintage scrapbook materials. If you like whimsical, fantasy, Christian art, or the shabby, grungy look, you will find it here.
I met Tina through Blushbutter's Yahoo group and was impressed immediately by two things: her warmth and willingness to help others and her creative energy. Tina came to my aid when I was just learning Photshop Elements 4.0 and had never used a layered template. I asked the members of Blush's group for help and Tina responded quickly. She not only told me about the tutorials she has on her blog but sent me links to the ones on templates. Not half an hour later, I'd made my first page using a template and felt I'd found a new friend.

You might be wondering what sort of background Tina has in art and design; I know it's something I always think about. It turns out that although she does some sewing and did arts and crafts with her children, Tina has no formal training in art or design. She is self-taught and a quick learner as evidenced by the fact that she made her first digital layout in January of 2004 and less than a month later was designing! When you browse through Tina's designs, you'll quickly see that they are by no means simple or run-of-the-mill. What you will find are well thought out and executed, high quality theme kits where much attention has been paid to detail. For instance, in her very popular Grandma series, Tina provides a wide range of papers, beautiful trims, a number of frames and other basics, and wonderful accent pieces for embellishment such as vintage trunks, home furnishings and personal articles. The combination of these elements makes for warm, intimate feeling heritage pages.

What? You don't feel you're very good at arranging complex layouts? You might want to take one of Tina's classes. She can teach you the basics of layering, cropping photos, adding journaling to your pages, and will have you creating your first album in no time. There are also more advanced classes available through her store. Want to start designing for yourself? Tina has a class for that too and a new line of products for commercial use. As a satisfied customer, I can tell you Tina's products are among the finest I've purchased.

Of course, you don't need to go through Tina's store to learn something from her. Pay her blog a visit:

There you will find a large number of tutorials, some of Tina's layouts, news of her new products and sales,and links to sites she recommends. Very often you will find beautiful gifts Tina has posted for her readers. You don't want to miss those, do you? As a matter of fact, I happen to know that Tina has just posted a lovely freebie for you!

Here's the preview:
Check back often and don't forget to look in the right hand column for the link to her Yahoo group. Join and Tina will give you a free kit! You'll meet a great group of scrappers and soon you'll be involved in some fun projects.

And remember, check back on Tina's blog often. I've just learned that she will soon be launching a couple of new lines - a heritage line called "Great Aunt Edna" and a Faith Based line. Take a look at the recent preview below to get some idea of what her Christian or Faith Based art is like:


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This is a great story Sherry!! Love all the kits you displayed of Tina's too!

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