Saturday, September 1, 2007

Discover Alabama Stone Thrower Designs

Have you discovered Alabama Stone Thrower (AST)?? What, you may ask, is an Alabama Stone Thrower? Alabama Stone Thrower Designs is the trade name under which Jay Eliot of Alabama sells her digital designs. Jay tells me the name originated when she started riding with her husband in off-road rallies. He calls his big truck "Stone Thrower" for obvious reasons. When Jay needed a screen anme to communicate on-line with members of the rally group, she dubbed herself Alabama Stone Thrower and the name stuck.

Today she's doing less off-roading and when you see AST mentioned, it is most likely in reference to Jay's charming digital designs. Pretty much a life-long artist/crafter, Jay has been involved in ceramics, candle making, crocheting, embroidery, making glass bead jewelry, painting, sewing, and creating homemade bath & body items. Over the last twenty years, she has been heavily into paper scrapping. The wealth of supplies she accumuated led her into card making, decoupage, and other such crafts. Then Jay discovered digiscrapping.

She describes her digital style as "an eclectic mix of overlays, word art, papers and embellishments filled with touches of whimsy and fantasy." More recently, Jay began to create her own delightful digital scrapbooking papers, elements, and page kits with Paint Shop Pro 9.
Jay says her inspiration for these designs comes from her lovely daughter and her surroundings. You can see these influences in the examples of her artistry which follow. To quote Jay: "There is NO SUCH THING as a bad scrap page! It's not important at how well you can create a page or design a LayOut, it's how well you can recreate and share the memory. " AST designs can help you create the pages you dream of. At the moment they are available exclusively at Tina Williams Designs:

but I suspect in time they'll be available at multiple locations.

If you like the examples shown here, be sure to visit Jay at her blog:

to stay up-to-date on what she's doing. Note that on occassion you may find free samples of her designs. When you visit, please let her know where you heard about her.

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