Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to blogging

Hmm, I didn't manage to put up the new writing prompts on Sunday and there's no new interview yet. I'll give you the prompts in just a minute. I apologize for there not being any artist news this week. I had planned to interview Candee of Mermaid's Haven but as many of you know, she's been going through a rough spot. Still needs your thoughts and prayers. As soon as she's feeling up to it, we'll get that interview together. Meanwhile, I'm getting in touch with another talented digital artist for this coming Sunday. And soon there will be write ups on artists/merchants whose primary medium is not digital.

At the moment, the migraines have eased off so I've been trying to get some very necessary housework done. I've also managed to put together my first Halloween kit and am working on a freebie for this blog and for HilmaRose's group. I feel awful that when she needed me as co-mod I was stuck in bed sick.

Yesterday, I escaped the house and met two very dear friends in Williamsburg at the quilt store at KingsMill Shoppes. Would you believe? I managed not to buy more fabric! We visited the shops there then and had a nice lunch at the wine and cheese shop. Very hot out though which made it especially tiring for me. From KingsMill we went to the Antique Mall in Lightfoot. That place is so huge, you can get plenty of exercise if you walk down all the aisles. I found a few small things to use in my design work and one book which will also be useful. But the best part of the day was spending time with S & W. S and I went to VCU together and have been friends since 1985. W is her older sister. She lived in Ohio until a few years ago. S brought her along on our annual jaunt to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show and we hit it off very well. I didn't have sisters when I was growing up - just one brother 8 years younger. Every time I'm with these two women I feel as though God as finally given me the sisters I longed for. It's always a treat to be with them.

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