Sunday, June 1, 2014

June 1: Sad News, Update, Challenge Info, & Freebie

It's been forever it seems since I last made an entry. Still feeling rough and had really bad day last Wednesday when I called to see if I could get earlier appointment with my gastroentelogist. There's an ugly expression often heard from military personnel about something called a "Cluster F---." It sure was appropriate for this but by Friday afternoon it was all sorted out. There was misinformation all around but now I have an appointment this coming Wednesday to see a surgeon I've met before and see when she can operate.
While I was having a conniption fit over all the medical snafus, I learned that Dr. Maya Angelou had died and was so saddened by the news. I had met Maya, as she invited me to call her, some years ago (gee 20 or so!) at William and Mary College. She was the sort of person who didn't met a stranger. She positively radiated warmth and love and she will surely be missed. I left word for her family on her facebook page and went in search of tributes. There are a good number, but I really enjoyed this page at Oprah with all the links to interviews and recitations of her poetry etc:
This lovely woman had some very rough times in her life but she refused to be reduced by them. There are so many wise quotes, it's hard to choose just one but perhaps this one will reach someone who needs to hear it.
As for the summer challenge I had mentioned, it's not quite ready but will be up this week as soon as possible. I will tell you this: it is part one of a challenge about journaling. I'm calling part 1 Pocket Journaling because we are going to start small, real small, to make it easy.
And now for your freebie. Can you use a CU4Cu pearl frame? Hope so.
Pick it up here: Hugs!

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Stacey said...

thanks for the beautiful freebie! I hope you start feeling better soon! you will be in my prayers. keep me posted on your operation. I know you're in pain and the sooner the better!