Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Pocket Journaling Week 3

I'd like to hear from you. Does starting a journal by using small cards to jot down ideas, thoughts, issues, etc making it any easier for you to start the process of keeping a journal and reaping the benefits? Why? Why not? I'm eager to start talking to you about things like goal setting, determining your priorities, and balancing your life - all topics that are often found in journals. But if you haven't begun the writing habit, is it going to do any good? I'd like to think so but I may be wrong.
As you know, last Thursday I had gallbladder surgery. I'm doing okay but still have to be careful with bending and lifting etc. Have done an awful lot of sleeping over last few days with a lot of vivid dreaming. There are numerous views on dreaming from it being a series of random nerve firings triggering bits and pieces of memories and stored information that our brain tries to make some sense out of to the notion that dreams are messages from our subconscious. Where am I going with this? Just thought a fun journal prompt might be to jot down whatever you remember of a dream this week and consider whether or not you think it's trying to tell you something. You might also choose to write about 3 things you are grateful for this week. Or something you are looking forward to.
I have a Care Card for you today:
You might want to journal about any ways in which you sometimes feel you Aren't enough.

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