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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Journal Prompts

After a very long night in which I was up about every 30 minutes, I'm about ready to head back to bed. Made my call to my father and will catch up with him during the week. Hubby is at grandson's baseball game so all quiet here. thought I'd give you a few journal prompts. 1) Think back to childhood and recall what was the first career you thought you'd like to have. Are you doing that sort of work now? * 2) Write about something you left behind. * 3) Complete this sentence: The river of dreams . . . * 4) What is your personal secret of happiness? * 5) Where would you vacation if money (& other concerns) didn't hold you back? * 6) Start a bucket list. * 7) What does empowerment mean to you? * 8) What is your biggest concern right now? * 9) what is the best gift you ever recieved? * 10) There are 4 weeks in the month so choose one goal for each of the weeks in July. Make it something you can accomplish in a week, Be specific *** If you haven't been able for some reason to print out your pocket journal cards to carry with you, carry around some indez cards if you have them or just scraps of paper and whenever you have to wait for something - like in a doctor's office or a line of some kind - jot down what you are thinking about. Try taking 5 minutes at the end of the day to jot down ideas, things you want to remember, things you want to explore, etc. Then at your earliest opportunity, write these up on your journal cards and put those completed cards in a safe place to be used next month. In July we will use completed pocket journal cards as jumps to full size journal pages where you can explore in more detail. You may want to go to the blog of True North Scraps where she is offering some lovely journal card freebies: And if you come across free journal cards appropriate to our project, or prompts, or have suggestions for prompts, Please don't hesitate to write me. I will be happy to make note of those here for everyone. Have a great weekend.

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