Thursday, June 5, 2014

Watermelon Smoothie kit freebie

Here are the papers for Watermelon Smoothie:


Anonymous said...

Thamks for the rest!

Stacey said...

sorry got a bit behind, first my inlaws were in town, and now my father and aunts are in town. Thanks for this awesome kit. I do plan to do some journaling, but need to rest a bit before I crack open ps. not too mention it's already so stinking hot - I can't wait for fall already. Monday we're hitting 109 - so a good day to stay in and maybe do something in PS. I will let you know if I get that done. if the puppy lets me - she is a handful!

Stacey said...

forgot to say - you will be in my prayers. I hope your surgery on the 12th goes smoothly and that you heal quickly!