Saturday, June 14, 2014

Quick update before I go back to bed.

My thanks to everyone for their supportive comments and prayers for my gallbladder surgery. It went pretty well for most part. Doc was able to do it laproscopically but instead of just being able to do one incision, she had to make 4. I had a good talk with the anesthsilogist beforehand and he was able to keep me from having nausea and vomiting afterward and no trouble waking either. But my time in the recovery room was scary. In a flash I was in severe pain. Got some pain meds in IV and it wasn't helping. Ended up having some of 5 different kinds of pain meds including DeLaudin and morphine. My blood pressure which is normally on low side, shot up enough to unnerve the team and I had an EKG which was fine so they added a drug to lower blood pressure. Could have stayed over night but went with original plan to go home same day. I was so loopy from all the drugs that hubby had to help me walk the few steps from bedroom to bathroom and wouldn't let me out of bed. Friday I felt really sore but pain wasn't too bad. In fact, I decided I really didn't need that pain pill at bedtime. Big mistake! So I'm back on them every 5 hours. Covering bandages came off today, leaving just steri strips and only one of the incisions looks bad. I'm anxious to take a shower and wash my hair which I could do today since I'm now past the 48 hr mark but think I'm going to wait until later or in the morning. Still kind of dizzy at times and pain is still relatively high. But no nausea or reflux so far. Of course, I've been just eating jello, Lipton chicken noodle soup, protein shakes and lots of water. I am so hoping this will be the answer for a lot of problems. I owe notes to several people so please bear with me. One thing I'm going to post now before I forget it - about that prompt for a soundtrack of your life. It's really just a list of songs you've enjoyed, songs that bring up memories (good and bad). Nothing you should stress over - should be fun. You can surely come up with 8 songs? I've started my list and right off I knew the Beatles have to be on it since I was a teen when they first came over. Biggest problem there is choosing a song so I'm not going to. Their music extended so many years, in so many different styles and all of it (just about) reminds me of something in my life. I really must get back to bed as my pain med is kicking in. Thanks again for all the good wishes. Hugs!


Stacey said...

I'm so glad the surgery went well! Hope the pain subsides quickly and you heal swiftly too. thank you for the sunshine papers. I could easily come up with 8 songs instantly. course 10 to 15 would be better - LOL.

Stacey said...

forgot to say glad your 1.00 sale was still going on - got a few more kits! thank you!