Thursday, June 5, 2014

Oops! Finishing up discussion 2 on pocket journal- mediums to journal in

I got interrupted earlier when I was writing about various mediums you could use to journal. I gave my opinion on using the computer to journal but forgot to get back to other mediums. Let's do that now. Some people, especially those who "art journal," use an artist sketchbook into which they can paste items, draw, paint, write and so on. Some make what we call altered books for this purpose, in which they re-purpose an old book using it's pages as the base for art work and journaling. Scrapbook enthusiasts do a certain amount of journal work on scrapbook pages, often noting details of a particular day captured in photos. Others love to write in bound journals. There are many beautiful bound journals on the market ranging from less expensive versions with laminated artwork on cardboard covers to the expensive leather bound versions. I've been given a number of lovely bound journals in lined and unlined varieties by well meaning people who love using them. Most are still on my bookshelves. For one thing, I find them uncomfortable to write in and for another I'm inhibited by the desire not to mess up a pretty book. I put bound composition books into this category too, mostly because of the comfort issue. [As a side note, if you know someone who likes to use bound journals, or someone you are trying to entice into trying to keep a journal, you can make a quick, inexpensive and useful gift from a simple bound composition book, scrapbook supplies and your creativity. With paper supplies or digital art that you will print out, you simply make a beautiful journal cover and affix it to the composition book. Use a sealer or other such medium to waterproof the cover and there you have it. Seneca Pond also sells wonderful collage type covers made to fit composition books if you want a shortcut.] I've tried spiral bound notebooks with some success but again, they aren't all that comfortable, they tend to fall apart after awhile, and there is always the temptation to tear out "just one page" for some other use. Next thing you know, it's a mess. What works best for me is college lined loose leaf notebook paper, the kind you put into a loose leaf 3 ring binder like we used in school. This paper is cheap (especially just before school starts), is easy to arrange for comfort, easy to store. I also use 3" x 5" index cards, keeping a few in my pocket calender at all times to capture ideas and things I want to reflect on while I'm on the go. I use them much like I'm suggesting you use the pocket journal cards I'm providing. And I love gel pens! Pencil rubs away, ball point pens snag the paper, but gel rolls smoothly. I like to keep a couple colors in my purse. Another plus to using notebook paper and a binder is that you can, if you wish, add dividers. That is useful if you want one central place to keep what could be considered separate journals or just so you can isolate creative ideas/writer's journal material from thoughts on relationships, for example. I keep one binder that is all text (except for a rare page doodle) and another that has only art journal pages. If you haven't tried keeping a journal before, you might want to experiment to see which medium suits you best. It doesn't matter what others use, or whatever is currently in style. What matters is that it feels right for you. Until next time, scrap happy and write your heart out.

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