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Friday, May 23, 2014

Coming Soon and a freebie

Holiday weekend beginning with lots going on in local area, patriotic events, musical venues, and high school graduations. One of the graduates at King's Fork H. S. is my God-child, Rachel, who is graduating with honors and preparing to enter Old Dominion University in the fall. Raci (my husband's nickname for her - all the children have nicknames he created when they were born) is adorable: cute as she can be, intelligent, curious, and I could go on. I'm one proud aunt lol. Here is a snapshot of Raci during prom scrapped to a mask I'm experimenting with:
Today I managed to somehow lose the volume control in my start up panel and when I went looking for it, I found a volumne control for my audio card. Upon trying it was told I have no audio! Most irksome since I had some meditation tracks I want to listen to. Must call BIL this weekend and get his advice on this because I need all the serenity I can get right now. Have another outbreak of shingles! Dad says it's 'cause I'm stressed out with all this gallbladder disease. I'm still at work on a kit from Wonderland which I'm calling Serenity. It's a little bit inspired by my recent meditation experience and by colors I find soothing. I'm also working on a summer challenge which I hope to start sharing here on June 1.
Meanwhile, here's a simple mask inspired by Serenity for you.
Pick it up here: Hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the download...

Stacey said...

oh no! i heard shingles is very painful. I hope that subsides for you soon. have a wonderful Memorial weekend and thanks for the pretty mask!

Stacey said...

thank you so much for your wonderful sale. I finally got to shop. of course I have several more kits i'd like to buy in the future - (wish my budget was larger). hope I can figure out the wishlist thing so I can create one.