Friday, June 30, 2017

Today's zip of Little Sailors

Today's zip includes a fish paper I adapted from a wonderful pattern by the talented Rene Blooms, whose spirit is as beautiful as the art she creates and shares. Do visit her here:
(see the original here:

Oh and thanks to Noreen for tip about using cayenne pepper for sinus infections. My aunt makes up some kind of gargle with it and garlic and other stuff and swears by it for colds. She also makes a Super Soup for when someone gets the flu. I know it has a good bit of cayenne, garlic and rutabaga (not sure what that is supposed to do). It's so heavy on garlic my uncle always tells her not to breathe on anyone, but she insists it is good for the immune system. Anyway, in my e-mails today there was a link to the following article about cayenne pepper tea and I thought you might be interested:
I've got bad reflux and have had a stomach ulcer so I have to be careful about spicy stuff.

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