Friday, June 16, 2017

Dad, Modern Brides, and freebie

Went to the hospital yesterday afternoon, fighting traffic (the 15th is military payday). Was told Dad would be released by medical transport about 3:30. Snagged some food real quick on the way and nibbled as I drove. Don't worry - just waffle fries and chicken nuggets from Chick Filet, so safe to grab with one hand and pop in the mouth. I get there, find Dad asleep and when the aide comes in sometime later I'm told transport won't arrive until between 6 - 8 p.m. Went back down to the car to finish my lunch. Dad still sleeping when I got back up stairs. I read until my eyes were tired.

TV in his room was tuned to a channel on which "Say Yes to the Dress" was on. Not something I ever watch but nothing better to do. What an eye opener! All these brides looking for transparent gowns! Oh, they tried on a nice gowns that weren't transparent but . . . they all wanted to look sexy. Showing my age, I'm sure, but whatever happened to wanting to look like a princess, looking elegant? I totally get the days of innocence and purity are behind us, but these brides were trying on "dresses" that were, to borrow what my mother would have said, Trashy! I mean dresses that consisted of a low cut strapless corset top where the breasts were barely covered and down to the waist or below was just see through fabric with some lace and sparkle, the balance as form fitting as possible. One woman even talked to the consultant about having the see through part extended down to bikini line! Used to be you saved the see through lingerie for the honeymoon and just your husband's eyes. Now, it seems, brides who can afford these dresses (that cost between $5,000 - $10,000) are after showing off next to everything to all their guests. And why do big heavy brides nearly always choose strapless gowns their breasts threaten to pop out of? Just sayin'.

And now, at last today's freebie about something sort of related to above comments - falling in love.

Question: Something summery? or shopping next?

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Seymoure said...

Hi - Hope things are going better for you and your dad. Thank you for today's portion of Chick Thing. Really cute flirtatious expression on female chick. I also agree with you on the dress codes today. Nothing seems to be sacred anymore. And, why would you want the whole world to see all of your flaws? I could go on but will shop here. God bless!