Monday, June 19, 2017

Sorry to have been missing & freebie

I should have known better. On Saturday 6/17 our grandson, Tyler, graduated from high school. The commencement exercise was to begin at 9:00 a.m. at the Virginia Beach Convention Center where there would be 477 graduates and each had an average of 7 tickets for family and friends. Tyler said to get there early so we could get a good parking space and seats. We got up at 6 a.m. (Yuck!) Once commencement started, it was done in about 3 hours. Tyler graduated with honors from Ocean Lakes High School's Math & Sciences Academy (a special program for gifted students). Some photos outside where it was sprinkling, then home for a quick lunch. A pool party was planned at 2 p.m. for Tyler but more thunderstorms was coming so the party would have to be moved indoors. We found 3 phone messages from Dad's girlfriend. She had called Dad repeatedly and couldn't get an answer. Was something wrong? We were planning to visit Dad anyway so just stopped by to see Tyler and give him his graduation gift.

We found Dad sleeping peacefully and nursing said he had been doing fine. So we sat down and waited to see if Dad would wake up. Attempts to wake him just earned us a peek from half-opened eyes followed by a snuggle back down in bed. We were planning to leave when my ex-husband arrived to visit Dad. He'd driven down from the Charlottesville area, concerned about the recent hospitalization. The nurse came in and tried to rouse Dad, letting him know he had company. He opened his eyes, looked at her, said "I'm tired" and back to sleep he went. He's got his days and nights missed up. So the three of us sat there watching Dad and I caught my ex up on Dad's condition and how my brother is doing. By the time we got home, and had a little dinner, I was done for.

I planned to make up the post yesterday but woke during the night with a blocked ear, dizziness and nausea. Stayed in bed most of the day and tried to clear up the sinus congestion and ear problem. and here it is Monday.

Chick Thing is drawing to a close and I haven't had any comments about wishes for new kits. Guess you will have to be surprised. I have one more zip of Chick Thing I'm working on and it might not be ready to post tomorrow. If not, I'll come up with something else for the day.

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KM Miller said...

Congrats on your grandson's graduation! Wishing him the best in his future endeavors.

Thank you for the Chick Thing files. I have been dropping it to download and is all I have been able to do as I have been crazy busy. And I love the cool, dry weather we have been experiencing in MN this week! I am so not a humidity girl.

My son's wedding is in August and the colors are a dark plum purple, gray, pinky orchard and white. I'd love to see something in those colors for when it comes time to scrap photos of that event. ;)