Thursday, June 1, 2017

Day 7 of Chick Thing freebie

Had the 2 week staff meeting over at Heritage Hall and Dad was able to voice his comments and complaints. Fortunately, he also told them what they are doing right and complimented a couple staff members. Last couple of visits, he has seemed more himself and less grumpy. Thank heaven!

Chick Thing seems to be going over fairly well. The colors are not in my usual range so to me everything seems a little gaudy but I think in terms of the theme they are okay. The chickens are fun to do. They are adapted from embroidery and applique designs mostly.

Here is today's zip:
New chick tomorrow and she is outrageous. May have gone over the gaudy line with that one lol.

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Anonymous said...

so glad your dad is adjusting to hid new invironment