Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Happy Birthday Larkin! and another Chick Thing freebie

Our "Lil' Princess" - granddaughter, Larkin, will be 7 today! Taking her and her mother out to dinner and then cake and gifts. Haevn't seen Larkin for weeks so looking forward to it.
(Fuzzy photo from her Mom's cell phone at Halloween)
This time last summer.

And today's freebie: some miscellaneous stuff:
Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7reqngw1ywelcg/ws_ChickThing_11.zip?dl=0

And tomorrow my friend, Joyce, is coming in from North Carolina so we'll be meeting with what remains of our Red Hat group at Rt. 58 Deli for lunch. I dropped out of Red Hats because it seemed all they wanted to do was go to lunch. Don't especially care to dress up fancy in red and purple for luncheons. Not my colors and I want to do something more than go to lunch. Going to give Joyce all my Red Hat stuff since she will be joining another group in N.C. Means a little less mess in my back room and will help her out too.

Coming up soon is my son and DI'sL 1st wedding anniversary and then grandson, Tyler, will be graduating from high school and heading out to college at University of South Carolina.

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