Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Heading out to lunch but have a freebie for you

Getting ready to go meet Joyce and Mary for lunch so wanted to get new post up. Today is one of the chicks I was looking forward to doing - a mother hen. Many, if not most, chicks look forward to motherhood. I particularly liked this line drawing because it both captures the anticipation of seeing your babies for the first time and the joy of mother hood. See how she lifts her first born into the air to admire him or her? Unfortunately, after figuring out the issue of eggs, the hen didn't turn out so well. I tried to get a more 3D appearance and it's just clumsy and not well defined. Sorry it isn't better. Don't look too close.

Getting tired of chickens? You are always welcome to make suggestions for theme and colors. May not always follow up on them or not right away, but sure will consider it.


Seymoure said...

She is still cute. Thank you for your gift today.

Jerrie said...

Hi I just found your site today 6/30 I have to tell you I am raiding your Hen House. I just love your site. Thank You for all of these precious gifts !!