Thursday, June 29, 2017

Running Late with Wednesday freebie

Got a few things done this week so far: paid all Dad's bills and most of mine, finally got the replacement lens put in my new glasses (they had ordered regular lens instead of darkening ones), visited with Dad, talked to nursing home about replacing useless nightstand in his room, made Marble Squares, got my hair cut and did usual basic kitchen and bathroom cleanups. Made plans to take granddaughter to see Despicable Me 3 next week, spoke with my brother (he's no better), and today my husband and I went to see The Mummy. Not a great movie by any means but nice escape.

Thank you all for encouraging comments about new kit. I live in Norfolk, VA, home to one of the largest Naval installations around. I'm minutes from the Chesapeake Bay and also minutes from the joint Navy & Marine base where the famous Seal Team 6 trained. Lots of "nautical" around here.

Today is zip 2 (I'm pretending it isn't past midnight and thus really Thursday):
And I'll be back before you know it.


Anonymous said...

was in Norfolk during fleet week the November after 9/11 beautiful area. you are so lucky to live in such a gorgeous part of our country. Norfolk has so many great places to see besides all the military bases. glad your dad is doing better and you seem to be much perkier the new kid is adorable thanx suzanne

Jerrie said...

Thank You very much !