Monday, November 30, 2015

Touch of Color: Silver freebie

So, did you do any Black Friday shopping? and if so, did you get real bargains? Today is Cyber Monday so still lots of sales going on. I've about finished but have some restaurant gift cards to pick up and need to visit Barnes & Noble for some books for grand-daughter. Friday and Saturday I was worn out and didn't get anything done. Sunday spent some hours at Dad's visiting with June & packaged up some of the Christmas kit. This time I'm going to do just one T.O.U. that will credit all resources I might have used. That way, you can eliminate a little bulk by only keeping the first info folder and deleting the others. It's surprising how much hard drive space is taken up by extra folders, repeat TOUs (where designers just use a general one with a separate credits page), piracy graphics, store graphics designers are required to add, and previews of other products for advertising.
Let's end November with a Touch of Color - Silver. You might find this little stash useful to fill in your holiday layouts.

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Stacey said...

I love this one and so perfect for the holidays! thanks so much!