Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Thanksgiving surprise for me and eventually for you

Taking a break from cooking and looking through some old folders of work-in-progress. I want to give you a present every day in December but with lots going on, I wasn't sure if I could get enough done to manage that. And then I found a folder where I'd started a Christmas kit but didn't finish it. It goes back a long ways to when I used to use D'Ambrosio Arts as a trade name in scrapping. (Found no one could remember it!) So right now I have a ton of papers! I mean over 50. Haven't added up elements yet. Not many in old WIP but I've got a lot done and more in progress. Definitely think I can manage 31 days now. And now back to cooking. Oh, going to call kit Traditionally Elegant Christmas because I stayed with traditional colors for most part and I'm trying to give it an elegant feel.

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