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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oh no! I goofed

I thought I had set something for every day of November but it seems that in spite of all I had put together, I was short by a few days. What with Thanksgiving, I forgot to check until just now. The day is nearly over so I'll go ahead now and set up a Touch Of Color freebies to finish out the month. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday? Ours was nice. Miss June hasn't been feeling well. After staying so strong through the worst of her battle with cancer, surgery, and radiation, she is now very depressed and anxious. When she saw the breast surgeon the other week to follow up on healing, she told her she wasn't feeling too well and the doc put her on a mild selective serotonin re-uptake drug for depression. It does take about a 10 days to 2 weeks to feel a difference but the day before Thanksgiving June was so miserable, Dad took her to urgent care. The doc there told June that the medication she was given lacked a component for anxiety which is what she seemed to be reporting. He conferred with her family doctor and wrote a prescription for another drug to take for the anxiety. June roused herself to come for Thanksgiving dinner and said she thought the new pills were helping. But Friday when I stopped by to drop off Dad's checkbook, which I'd balanced for him, June looked so bad and felt even worse. Her expression haunted me all last night. Today I went over to check on her and she is no better. Weak, weary, depressed and anxious without a clue as to why. I know it's a bad time of year for her; she's lost 2 children and her sister over the last couple years during November and December. That doesn't seem to be at the root of whatever is going on now, however. It's been such a rough year with one thing after another so maybe it's just a cumulative effect? Tomorrow I'll take her to see her family doctor. Meanwhile, if you can find room on your prayer list, please add her.
I don't really like the name I chose for your Christmas gift, but I'm going ahead and using it anyway: A Traditionally Elegant Christmas. I'll be using a fairly standard set of colors and hope to give it an overall elegant feel. Here is the color swatch:
Look for a Touch of Silver on Monday.

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Stacey said...

I had a wonderful thanksgiving. i hope the medication help June. I know you must be worried. this time of year can be hard for people. She is in my prayers!