Sunday, November 29, 2015

Oops! Some Aspects of Autumn - Thanksgiving freebies I forgot!

See what I had scheduled incorrectly? We do have a post for today! Somehow I forgot to put these on my post list. Better late than never, right?
Link: And now we move on to December! Ack! Christmas only 25 days away!


Stacey said...

so beautiful as always! hard to believe another month has gone by! thanks for the daily this month. I will try and collect Decembers, but there may be a time or 2 I miss a day. I decided to change what I was going to craft for my family. My Aunty Sybil, has cancer, we were originally told it was treatable, until they discovered it had spread to her brain stem. She is undergoing chemo right now to try to extend the time she has. She came to visit one last time on her way to visit her granchildren, for what may be the last time. She is at peace and still so beautiful even without her hair. She loves lavender, so I'm going to make lavender soap and candles, in her honor. this may be her last Christmas, we just don't know. So I wsnt to make her something special and that she loves.

Noko411 said...

Thank you so much for this whole kits!