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Monday, November 23, 2015

What's up at my house

Sounds like most of my friends are about ready for Turkey day. I am not. Bursitis in left knee was very bad on Friday, actually hot and swollen. So I did little Friday and pretty much nothing Saturday, just iced it, took Tylenol and rested. Better today but it is difficult to do much on Sundays (of course we aren't supposed to anyway). With hubby home and then Dad coming to visit sometime in afternoon or evening, it is hard to know what I can work on. Finally got grandchildren's wish lists but I'm sure I make their mother angry by complaining how this is always a last minute thing and I can't do last minute shopping. well, she is always talking about how stressed she is and she's half my age. I think it's only fair to remind her I have health problems and can't be running around last minute; I get stressed too. I stated that from now on I was going to set a deadline of 10/31 for wish lists and if I didn't get them I'd just do whatever I felt appropriate. I prefer to get the children what they really want or need and I always coordinate with her but enough is enough. I'm sure I'm on her you-know-what list. Anyway, I was able to do a little cyber shopping today and a few small tasks. Tomorrow husband will work but after that he's got about 13 days of vacation. I find it so much easier to clean when he's not home. Do all husbands want to know where their wives are and what they are doing when they are in the house together? What is that? I'm without a car while BIL works on it at his house but hubby will take me last minute grocery shopping tomorrow. Only need to pick up a couple things. Over the weekend BIL worked with our heater again and discovered the saety switch is going bad which might be why it keeps cutting off. He's temporarily bypassed it and a new part is on the way. But it is a new week and this will be better than last.

Hmm, can't get goggle to put in an image? Enough of me anyway.

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Stacey said...

thanks for today's pretty clusters! I hope you feel better soon. My mom too has a bad knee, but fortunately on Thanksgiving she won't have to do the stairs. i'm glad we have a bathroom downstairs, so that is no problem. the cold only makes it worse for her and we're unseasonably cold for Las Vegas, but after the summer I welcome it. I can understand wanting to get the shopping done, my sister is finished already, but not me, i'm never that quick, but I will get a bunch done on cyber monday. I don't drive and having free delivery and deals online is my kind of shopping. I hope this week is better and will try to pop on during the week, but I still have tons of cleaning to do. if I don't write before the day. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!