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Sunday, November 1, 2015

About downloads & possible viruses

Tonight I'd like to address 2 concerns about downloads and possible viruses. First, I'm aware that 4shared has become, like most other free file-share sites, less user friendly. I am no longer selling my work in stores but just making things to give away. On a limited income, there is no way I can add a paid file share program to my budget. I've used 4shared for so long, it doesn't bother me and it's been convenient. It was suggested that I make downloads available through dropbox which most people find easy. I have not done so on a regular basis before now because I had a problem between dropbox and my PC. However, I have been able to resolve it and from now on I will offer links to my public files on dropbox. I will not, however, go back and add all the previous 2015 freebies to dropbox. Too much work. I'm going to add a dropbox link to my earlier post for today. As for the stuff on 4shared, I've made a couple of screen shots that might be helpful for those less familiar with 4shared. When you go to a 4shared link for one of my items, the screen will look like this:
You would click the button I've highlighted in red. It should then take you to this screen:
You will click on free download as circled in red. Do not click on any other "download" button you might see elsewhere on the screen. There will be a 60 second or less countdown and then your computer should ask where you want to save the file to. Sorry about there being a time delay but all free file share sites have them.
Second, some of you have said that when you try to download my files from 4shared your browser or personal virus check program tells you the file might be infected. I haven't had this problem on 4shared but went in and downloaded one of my files to see if my Google browser or my personal BitDefender program would advise of a problem. Neither did. Further, once the file downloaded, I scanned the zip with BitDefender to verify that no virus or such was found. BitDefender said it was clean. However, I have had multiple experiences where Google Chrome put notices on my downloads of other people's files saying there might be something harmful. First couple of times I deleted the files. Then, when it happened on a site I know well and trust, I dismissed the warning and retained the file, putting it in a folder on desktop which I then scanned. There have been only a few occasions when I've done this that my scan came back advising the zip had some sort of infection. Of course, in those cases, I deleted the zip and didn't visit that site again. I don't know how browsers decided that some sites could be harmful other than people reporting them as such. Just thought I'd tell you abut my experiences and hope this information is useful to you.

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