Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Today it's December . . . & Traditionally Elegant Christmas freebie

Today it's December, another month gone, the old year is ending . . . sorry, have John Lennon's "Happy Christmas" running through my head. Things have been kind of depressing lately, haven't they? Terrorist attacks, world wide fears, numerous people I know of ill, in pain, or suffering. Trying to keep a bright outlook but it's difficult at the moment. I've got a headache and not sure if it's moving toward a migraine or just stress. Was over at Dad's again last evening. June was feeling weak and anxious/depressed. Having gotten through what we expected to be the worst - the surgery and radiation - with a good attitude and little depression or anxiety, this is coming as a surprise to us. I'm afraid it reminds me of when my Mom had a good spell and then her sudden decline. June doesn't understand what is happening to her. Sunday I insisted she contact her doctor on Monday and let the doctor know she was no better. She was told to discontinue the Xanax she was given by urgent care doc for anxiety, but continue the Lexapro for depression and come in today. She asked that I go along because I have training in medical terminology etc and can help her understand what the doctor says. I can't help but remember the spell Mom went through that was similar to this and learning shortly after that her cancer had metastasized to the brain. Even though June's last scan showed no sign of cancer, I wonder. It's a horrible and sneaky disease! And my father is looking so worn out too; he's worried. My husband is having a nuclear stress test today but insisted I go with June. His test shouldn't take more than half an hour and he feels certain it's unnecessary. With all the various things going on, I'm feeling unsettled, as though something bad is going to happen and soon. I hope that isn't a premonition just worry and fatigue.
I want to give my digi friends and newcomers to my blog a Christmas present. I am in the process of putting together a large Christmas kit, Traditionally Elegant Christmas, from which you will find a goodie posted here each day of the month. As last month, I'm not trying to do an overall preview, just previews of each zip as I finish it. I can tell you that so far there are 48 full size papers (Not intending to make more Christmas papers), about 12 overlays, and I haven't counted elements as I am still seeing categories that should be included. As usual, I'll start you off with a paper pack and will mix it up from here. Today's freebies:
and a pack of buttons and brads:
I hope you like these. This is a busy season for everyone but I will have to clean out old 2015 files from sharing servers to make way for new 2016 things. I'm going to extend the deadline for links until 1/15/2016 after which the old stuff won't be available.

Stay safe as you scurry about shopping, decorating, visiting and so on. Hugs!


Kathleen Maples said...

Thank you for sharing, I pray everything is alright with your family and that you have a wonderful holiday season!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much! the papers and buttons are awesome. I know I'm going to love this kit!

I will be praying for your family as well as June. I hope your husbands tests were normal. I know dealing with this is very hard. You're worried about your dad and June, I hope your health doesn't suffer too. I hope the meds will help June, I pray the cancer hasn't spread especially to her brain, as it has my Aunty Sybil. seems like a lot of hoping and praying, but thats all I can do. wish I could do more. this has been a hard year for everyone it seems. Let's pray 2016 brings happier times for us all!

this is Stacey (I don't know why it's not letting me leave a message as it usually does so going to try the anonymous setting.)

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanking you beyond measure for sharing this gorgeous kit especially with all you are dealing with....makes it more special and saying extra special prayers for you and yours! Amazing generosity!