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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Bohemian Boudoir freebies

Another day just about over. Took my father to the eye doctor today and did some errands. Nothing much. When I was creating our gypsy figure earlier, I had fun playing around with differnt looks. I didn't name the gypsy/bohemian girl or the fortune teller but when I re-visited the figures I'd been playing with, I decided why not give our girl some friends? Bohemian 1, 2 ,3 etc became ineffective as a way of determining which I was setting up so I decided to name them all and looked up some Romi names. The fortune teller has now been named Esmeralda (emerald) just because it's a common name for Romi girls and the one used by Victor Hugo for the gypsy in his novel. I decided to consider her the older sister of our girl and named our girl Mirela, which means to admire. You might not care about any of this but I['m sharing the info anyway lol. The friend I'll be presenting tonight I named Nadya which means hope. Nadya prefers bright, cheerful colors and loves flowers. Here she is:
You will find her here:


Stacey said...

I love that you gave them names! esmeralda of course is my fave. the flowers are beautiful too. thanks so much!

Gabriela Skiers said...

Hello, I'm sad. I do'nt take 4shared. There i must waiting 1000 seconds. No,thanks. That not. Can you take a second like dropbox or another? Good time. Gabriela (germany