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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Another little freebie

Hi, me again, I'd set up some posts to be sure I got freebies out this week and one was already scheduled for tonight. But I'm sitting here drinking a hot cup of "Pink" - an acaiberry "tea" - when it occured to me that you might not know what to do with the clothing I'd given you previously as a Bohemian Boudoir freebie. From today's post you can see that I made that freebie from the clothing I used on today's fortune teller. One thing you could do with the previous freebie of clothing (& one not yet posted) is to make a little vignette but that would probably be easier for you if you had a dress form to hang the clothes on. So I'm giving you a dress form. You will have to resize and work with the clothing to make it fit the dress form but I'm sure you can manage it. See the dress form preview for one idea.
Here's the link & please note: the clothes shown are from a previous package.

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