Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Madness & Bohemian Boudoir freebie

I have never been athletic. I just wasn't coordinated enough for sports. And even though my paternal grandfather played minor league baseball and educated me about the game when I was young, I only watched the World Series when I was with him. Football doesn't interest me at all and there is little I watch during the Olympics (I do enjoy the ice dancing) but I can really get into men's college basketball. That I will watch on TV or go see in person. It's March Madness time now and I am happily filling in brackets along side my husband. Naturally, I was very excited the other night when my alma mater, Virginia Commonwealth University won the Atlantic 10 championship. My home town's Old Dominion University team isn't in the NCAA playoffs but just won the first round of the National Invitational Tournament and will play again tomorrow. Nearby Hamption University won their first game of the NCAA and will play again tomorrow against top rated Kentucky. I wish the Pirates luck. My VCU Rams play again tomorrow and I'm hoping coach, Shaka Smart, and our team got plenty of rest and are ready to come out and wreck Havoc! Another state team, the University of Virginia Cavaliers will be playing Friday. Time to make easy dinners and sit down and watch basketball!
Today just some miscellaneous items I put together from my folder of things to finish.
Some more posters for the room, a table with some wine, and so on. Link is: Hope you are having as much fun with this kit as I am.

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Stacey said...

Love these elements! awesome! thanks so much! I hate baseball and basketball, but love football. my sister and I play fantasy and have fun, this time of the year sucks for us, till July when training camp/pre season starts. good luck to your pirates, rams, and cavaliers I hope they do well! I love the olympics and will watch anything the USA is in. even boxing which I hate normally - LOL