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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Saturday, another freebie

It's another saturday already! This month is flying by. Hubby & I are still watching the NCAA basketball tournament, March Madness & some of the N.I.T. as well. Both of us aren't doing much else. The weather dropped back to chilly and old injuries and arthritis act up when that happens. Yesterday we took my car and dropped it off for state inspection, then went to lunch at Golden Corral. Afterward, I tried to schedule a post but internet connection was down so instead I took a long, long nap. Anyway, I'm not ignoring those of you who have complained that 4shared is asking you to wait 1000 seconds for a download. That amazed me as I never have to wait more than 20 seconds. However, I then noticed that at least one of the people who told me this was overseas. The suggestion to use dropbox is good but I have to check into it further. I have a lot of zips to be loaded to another server which is time consuming. Also, I only have the free dropbox as I have limited income and I don't remember what restriction it has in terms of amount I can upload. Perhaps I can combine some zips and do it that way. Will let you know more next week, okay? Meanwhile, today I have a package I think you will really like. It contains a vanity I created using a template that is still available from my friend, Felice, of Felice Originals, which she called Vintage Dresser. Here is her preview: And here is our Bohemian version:
Pick up your zip here: I'm off to put some laundry in and watch more bsketball. Hugs!

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Stacey said...

These are wonderful! thanks so much! I'm sorry spring seems so far away for east coasters still. Enjoy your basketball march madness! the only time I've heard of 4shared making you wait so long is if you have an ad or pop blocker. if that's the case then I'd recommend using a downloader like mipony or jdownloader which are free. dropbox only allows so many downloads without premium then it'll block it.