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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Art Nouveau, Bohemian Boudoir (freebie) & The Who

Woke up before dawn this morning, thinking I'd heard a crash. It wouldn't be the first time someone had hit one of our vechicles. Went to the door in my pjs to look and thought it had snowed again. Wasn't wearing my glasses so it seemed like more than after the sun set yesterday. Didn't see any drunk driver plowed into one of the cars so came back in to go back to bed and told husband about snow. He said I was imagining it and needed to go back to sleep. Here it is after noon. I sat down at the PC over an hour ago - just to finish my coffee and listen to some music my husband was playing on his PC. He was playing some classics by The Who. The music was energizing me and heaven knows I need that lol. So I loaded about 5 zips I'd packed up last night to 4shared and while doing that I was looking through Tumbler for some interesting images to use as backgrounds for inchies and microscope slide pendants etc. Time just flew by. All that aside, what do I have for you today? How about some more bedroom furnishings? I'm not totally satisfied with the bed but our girl needs some place to lay her head after a long day of work, attending a poetry reading, and then coffee with friends and a bit of music. BTW, husband said I wasn't totally wrong about the snow - no it hasn't yet but there is a winter storm warning now in effect so maybe I was predicting the white stuff. We will see.

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Stacey said...

love this! the lamp is way cool wish I had one! thanks so much! Stay safe I know Sparta and forgot what the T one was is on it's way. we got rain is all, but I know it'll get worse as it leaves the west. at least calif/nevada got some much needed rain as we are still in drought.