Monday, October 2, 2017

Monday & already behind for the week + freebie

I seem to be slipping in terms of getting posts published. First I didn't get Saturday's post out on time because I forgot to push publish button and walked away. Then I just wrote a little chat note yesterday and today I see I hadn't published that either. Not that it makes any difference but still. Lots on my mind.

Went to see Dad yesterday but he was determined to sleep even though I tried to wake him a couple times as he's told me to do. Cleared out all the phone messages he ignores and discovered one was important; have to see to that today. Went by Walmart and picked up signs for garage sale and house for sale. Both have to happen this month. Tried to contact my brother by email. He wrote back something about having been in West Virginia but had to fly home to get his pump refilled and would call me in a few days. West Virginia? Guess I'm confused as he had said he and his wife would be coming here in September to help me with Dad's stuff. Not hearing any more from him, I'd assumed he was ill and that was why they didn't call or come here. Yes, I had a moment of hurt and anger. But there is probably some great explanation, right?

Anyway, here is more of Boho Baby. One of you had suggested I do some babies in Halloween costumes but I didn't feel I was up to the task. However, I did come across some free vectors of costumed babies and I'm including them.

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