Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Midweek and things are so-so + freebie

Today my husband and I went over to Dad's house to help Thom and Roberta go through more stuff. Thom was in bed with pain issues. My husband and I picked up some things that had been set aside for us. Thought my SIL looked like she could stand a break so suggested we go on a TJ Maxx and Marshall's run. Roberta loves herbal tea (I brought over a baggie of various types for her), we both are interested in essential oils and both stores often have things we can't find elsewhere. Took Roberta to lunch at Olive Garden before shopping. I found a soap bar that combines pink clay and rose essence, and picked up a new bottle of tea tree oil. I don't care for the scent but it is very useful. Roberta found a ginger tea (she loves ginger) and got some lavender oil. Did a lot of talking, both of us learning things we hadn't known previously. No word on Dad so will probably go over to see him tomorrow.

And for today we go with orange and black:

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Jerrie said...

Thank You these are so cute !