Friday, October 27, 2017

Family & Halloween 2017 freebie

Today is my grandson's birthday. Happy Birthday Tyler! Plan to go see him soon.
Went over to see my brother, Thom, and Roberta before going for a bone density scan. They have figured out that the POD will not hold everything they want to take back to Florida so they will have to make another trip up here. They will be headed home in about a week to do some de-cluttering in their home there so they can put their house on the market. That house was built in the 20's and it's a lot of upkeep. They haven't decided yet whether they will move some place else in Florida, move to North Carolina to be near their son, Bryan, or move back to Virginia. There was some talk about buying Dad's house but I doubt that will happen. We got a lot of stuff out yesterday and Roberta is going to call to arrange a pick-up of two sofas. Once those are out we will do some re-arranging of what's left, tagging the larger items we want and can't remove right now, then we will put up the house for sale sign. And the lawyer will get the Medicaid app in and we will see where things go from there. After my scan, I stopped back over and picked Thom and Roberta up so we could all go visit Dad.

Dad doesn't communicate much any more. We offered to take him outside to the courtyard for some fresh air but he was in bed and content to stay there. Did a little re-arranging in his room, trying to make things easier for him and Thom promised we would be back tomorrow. Don't know if I will be going back over as I have a lot of things I need to do here.

Anyway, you are here for more of Halloween 2017, aren't you? Today we will do witchy and I have a busy preview for you:

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