Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday - another day, another freebie

Wednesday didn't go very well. I was on way to pick up Dad when hubby called to say Dad called to tell me not to come because he was dizzy and not feeling well. Went to check on him - more diarrhea and dizziness and he just wanted to go to sleep so told me to call and cancel his INR visit. I did and promised to bring him in next day. Cleaned up his front bath and the kitchen, then headed home. Still having headache and achy all over. Tried to return call from friend, Joyce, then went to lie down. Next thing I know hubby wakes me to tell me doctor's office called and wanted Dad's INR done today (Wed.) and to bring him in. So I did and learned his blood is too thick again (blood thinners are a bite!). She was also concerned about the diarrhea and wanted to test to see if he might have something wrong there. Got instructions to come back Friday morning for another INR after change in dosage. Then there was the fun of watching dad's expression while the nurse gave him the kit and explained about taking stool samples for analysis. Got him back home and situated, made butter beans and corn to go with the barbeque sandwiches we planned for dinner. Dad needs vegetables and is picky about them too so with Coumadin restrictions, it has been a challenge. He does like butter beans and corn though. Took a quick nap, waking up worse than before, delivered his dinner and the rest of the night was a loss.

Fortunately, I already had several zips ready to go. Here is today's:

I know you are seeing a lot of pattern right now but there will be solids/reads-as-solids coming to blend in. I've made a couple of stacked papers too. Hope you enjoy

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KM Miller said...


Caregivers need care too. I feel so bad for how stressed you are and wish that I did not live in a state so far away or I would lend a hand. You will be no good to your father if you do not get proper rest, meals and down time. I hope you can get some ideas/support from this Mayo Clinic publication.

I do not mean to come across as preachy, only want to express concern for your health and well being. Bless you for the love you have for you father.