Tuesday, October 25, 2016

He's better; I'm worse. And a new freebie.

There are 4 minutes left in Monday in my time zone as I write this. Things have not gone as anticipated but not the way you think. There were problems getting Dad's blood at a good level in terms of clotting factors but finally it was agreed he could have the cardio inversion procedure last Friday as planned. That went very well. They used the least amount of electrical stimulation and least amount of anesthesia too. It didn't take but a few minutes and then I was back in the room looking at my sleeping father whose color was much better and whose now healthy pulse could be easily seen throbbing in his carotid artery. By the time we left the hospital, he was saying he could feel a difference, that his head seemed clearer. He wanted to stop at Lew's Hotdogs for lunch so we did and he enjoyed his hotdog and fries. Yes, ideally I would prefer he ate something healthier but he only eats what he wants to. Got him home and thought he would want a nap as we had been told he would probably be sleepy off and on over the next 24 hours. For that reason, I was staying with him until we could be sure he was alright. Dad didn't so much as remove his shoes. He was so pleased to feel more alert that he sat up until about 9 P.M. talking and going through some paperwork. I had a bad sinus headache and had a rough time sleeping. Saturday morning, I evaluated how he was doing, made sure he got breakfast and took his morning insulin. He felt better but his legs are a little weak because he has been so inactive.

Still, I was able to go home and take a much needed shower, something for my sinuses and my antiviral and then crashed. When I got up later, I felt worse. Those of us with weak immune systems (fibromyalgia, CFISD, etc. etc.) are subject to have negative stress set off all sorts of problems and I guess that is what happened. In addition to the shingles outbreak and sciatica, I had flu like symptoms. Spent most of Sunday in bed or the bathroom and today too. Beginning to feel a little more normal so hoping all will be right shortly.

I had been working on a new kit for you in art deco style that I'm calling Deco Dazzle. It will have a minimum of 12 papers and 24 elements but more, I hope. Lots of glittery gold accents and the colors shown in this swatch:
Don't have an overall preview as it is a work in progress. But here is preview of first zip:

Tuesday's zip will be posted before 5 P.M. today (it's now Tuesday)

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Carlyn Moore said...

So happy to see you back with us in digiland. Hope you and your father continue to feel better. Deco Dazzle looks terrific. Thank you.