Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Last zip of freebie Halloween & Hurricane photos

Here are a few photos of what our area looked like during Hurricane Matthew:
That last one is of an underpass!
We know to expect flooding here. Norfolk, in particular is surrounded by water - Chesapeake Bay is closest to me, downtown there is the Elzabeth River which is large and the James River, also big. Lots of tributaries etc. Plus a lot of downtown Norfolk was underwater at one time so landfill and buildings etc or not, it floods easily. Still, all things considered we were lucky. Heard from someone in Charlestown, SC that it was as bad there as Hurricane Hugo.

Last zip of Halloween.

I am working on something new which doesn't have a name yet. Using this swatch:
Theme will be art deco. Of course, art deco traditionally uses colors from this palette:
But I've done deco for Gatsby in the blues and like to stay away from orange but wanted something in warm tones. Just have to see how it turns out, right?


KM Miller said...

Praise the Lord you and your family are safe. Being in the Midwest I have never experienced a hurricane - a tornado, yes.

Here's to drying out. :)

Thank you for the Halloween set and I am looking forward to your new creations.


Shelby Barrett said...

scrumptious cinnamon....its the first thing that popped into my mind when i saw the color palette <3