Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Interesting Day & new freebie

It's gloomy with overcast skies, some wind, threat of rain. Even though there is now a possibility that hurricane Matthew might skirt by us, people are out getting supplies, gassing up cars, etc. Will be more hectic as storm gets closer. So I left to go get Dad's car, fill with gas, pick up his prescriptions and discuss dinner. Wind was picking up so I asked my husband to bring our flag in. He told me not to lock the door because after he got the flag down, he would bring in the garbage can. Off I went. Dad was slow getting car keys for me, wanted to talk a bit. Went up and got his gas and picked up prescriptions. As I am driving by our house on way back to dad's I see my husband out by the garbage can, waving at me. I wave back and proceed until I hear him yelling something. Oh no, what has happened now? I take next right turn and swing back to our house. He is still standing by garbage can and gesturing angrily.Turns out I must have automatically locked the door behind me, thinking ahead to other things. He had been locked out since I left and was not happy. Gave him my house keys and went back to Dad's where I got way laid by our Terminix man who is very friendly. Give Dad his stuff, hear he is going to eat more of the barbecue for dinner and switch to my car to gas it up. Came home wind blown and tired. So on to your freebie.

This is actually my part of a 2011 Halloween collab at Southern Comfort Scraps, a now defunct store. As you can see from previews, it was under the name I previously used for my designs, D'Ambrosio Arts.
There will be six zip files over next 6 days. I did not make individual previews for each zip.

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