Sunday, October 30, 2016

Monday again & freebie

Sunday was pretty quiet. Dad had more tummy trouble but otherwise was okay. Josh came by to clean out the gutters. I ran some laundry, did dishes, picked up a few things from the grocery store, took Dad dinner. My husband seems to have a full blown cold now and he sat around watching sports and napping. I'm not much for sports, don't watch football or much baseball despite growing up with a grand father and uncle who had played for minor leagues. When I was a little girl I watched the World Series with my Pappy and understood the game well. Today the games on TV seem like just a bunch of noise and I gladly escape to a book or the computer. Made some good floats last night with vanilla ice cream and Dr. Pepper Cherry.

Dad has two doctor appointments today but my dear husband is taking him. Dad is hoping the cardiologist will say he's doing fine and it is okay for him to drive. He is so looking forward to his independence. Still, his house is a wreck and I'm going to need to go over and do some cleaning. Hope to at least get my living room vacuumed and dusted while they are gone. It seriously needs attention and I need to toss a couple of plants I killed in recent weeks. If he is feeling better, my husband says he will take me to the movie after we get Dad settled back home.

Now today's zip:
The paper above is in a sort of gold style and will probably look best if layered with another paper(s). I have been working on various elements during the weekend so more coming.

Thanks to all who have been understanding of my situation and its frustrations. God willing, things will improve.

Sorry about forgetting link when I posted late last night.

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