Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday mini melt down and freebie

Yesterday was definitely
Who? 1) The guy who parked his car at the end of my driveway and blocked me in so he could sit there and text! There is a shoulder of the road and he could have pulled over to the edge any where but no - there he sat. I needed to leave to see my pulmonologist and I was in no mood for this. I got in my car, started the engine and when he looked up, I frantically motioned for him to get out of my way. I know, I should have been polite about it but I'm frazzled.
2) The toddler in the grocery cart in front of me who was trying to climb out onto the counter as his mother checked out. I spoke to him nicely and he spit at me! His young mother was so mortified. She stopped what she was doing, turned him to her exclaiming, "Matthew! You know better than that! Now you need to apologize to this nice lady." He looked back at me, then looked to her and said, "No!" He was about 2-3 so no, I didn't want to chop off his head and I understood he was just being "terrible." His mother apologized to me but it wasn't necessary. I was just pleased to see her making an effort to correct the boy and teach him some manners. So many don't bother.
3) All the political parties who disturbed the nap I tried to take when I got home and only had a short time before dinner delivery. That includes the NRA and Union too. Give me someone to vote for who can intelligently discuss the real issues, not play mud slinging games. Candidates - it isn't about you and your image; it is about how you can help our country!
Came across this the other day:
And here are a couple of messages for the candidates:
Not that either will pay any mind.
4) Husband, knowing I'm not feeling well, suggests I pick up dinner for us when I'm finished at Dad's.
5) Go to deliver dinner and some groceries to Dad and I've got a migraine. A family friend is visiting across the street, sees me and comes over. He wants to know why my husband and I haven't been available to go to lunch or dinner and says, "I hear you've been running the streets . . ." In Red Queen mode, I replied, "Yes, that is right. I've taken dad to doctor's 3 times this week, have done grocery and dinner runs every day. Been just a little busy." As if he doesn't know.
6) So I'm there with a gallon of milk in one hand, a bag with the burger Dad ordered and a bag with grapes and the neighbor across the street comes over after #4 goes to his car. She wants to know the latest on Dad - part concern, part curiosity. I thank her for her concern and give brief update, explaining I've got a migraine and need to deliver dinner. Does she take a hint? Oh no, she wants to chatter and tell me what I should do for my headache and this and that.
7) Stay with Dad awhile and as I get ready to leave I see that the neighbors across the street (yes, same one) have moved their big RV out onto the street and it is parked right across from Dad's driveway, making it difficult for me to pull out.
I hate being so irritable. Got home and hubby had fed himself and was very pleasant. He said he'd take Dad to doctor's today and over to see June and deliver the things she asked me to pack up. Got some tea and toast and called it a night.

Today should have been better. I got to sleep in a little while but got multiple phone calls. Went back to bed after fast breakfast and shower. When hubby got back from running Dad all around, he started telling me about what happened and what Dad told him about making another mess in the bathroom and wanting us all to go to Captain Dee's for dinner. Last thing I felt like was going to eat greasy fried food (yes, I know they have broiled fish too but yuck!). Then we had a conversation about how it doesn't seem Dad is going to fully recover from all this and how he expects me to do this, that and the other and I'm looking around and seeing all that needs doing here and got depressed. Husband said we will just have to "suck it up" and keep catering to Dad since he won't let anyone come in to take care of him and won't move in with us. And he/we can't afford to pay a claening service to go over to his house even if he would allow it. I do want to take care of my father and I know it's awful of me but I want to have regular meals with my husband. I want to have days to take care of appointments I need to make for me. I want free time to see my friends, go to a movie. I dreamed I had a week retreat at a nice hotel. No cleaning to do. A heated pool to swim in. Movies on the TV. Nice little shops nearby to browse in and quaint little restaurants that served comfort food. And then I woke up!

Today's freebie:

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PauliesPoodle said...

just read your post.... it's so true, baby-boomers are gett'n old and feeble but still want to hang on. I've got a good friend in the same family quandry with an elderly Dad who doesn't have a wife to take care of him, but has children that are expected to fill in. Add to that the inconveniences of life and an election off the rails; it's a wonder we all aren't agoraphobic! Make some time for YOU, find a place to recharge your energy and notice the wonderful wherever you encounter it!