Thursday, October 6, 2016

Busy Day & part 2 of Halloween freebie

Today I took dad in for his Coumadin check. It seems that something between 2 and 3 is where the level should be. His level went from 3+ (too high) to 1 something (too low). More adjustments and a need to return on Monday for re-check. But Dad was feeling better. We went to lunch and then I took him to visit Miss June who is at a transitional care facility until plans are set for surgery on her hip. She's been having leg pain on the side where the ball of the hip joint was replaced some years ago. We are told that somehow the ball is wearing away the socket. I had taken along a book just in case he felt up to the visit so I just stopped in her room for a minute to say hello then went to lobby to read and let them have some time to themselves. After dropping dad off at home I decided it was time to force myself to go shoe shopping for some comfortable black dress flats. Luckily enough, I found a pair of Life Strides at the first store I stopped in!

So much I wanted to do around the house today but it was after 3 when I got home and I was tired. Laid down around 4 something and didn't wake up until after 8! My husband had gone out and gotten us a pizza for dinner so no need to cook. And he will take Dad to tomorrow's early appointment. I will get some work done tomorrow. Been looking at hurricane path and it seems my brother, who lives on FL's gulf coast won't be directly hit but will get some heavy rain and wind. Hope they stay safe.

And here is today's zip:

BTW to the reader who suggested getting the shingles shot - Please keep spreading the word. At first, docs said it wasn't going to do those who had had shingles any good, but they changed that decision a few years back and we have all had it now. I do think it helps short circuit the duration, which makes it worthwhile. Asked Dad today about his back but he said it wasn't bothering him and the doc wasn't it. No telling what was going on there.

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Sue Kimmet said...

Thank you. These are lots of fun!