Friday, April 8, 2016

Wondering and a freebie

Just wondering if anyone is enjoying Spring Fantasy? Whatever, I do have more today. Fortunately, I had finished today's freebie before I went out. Coming home from shopping yesterday, I realized that the papers I had in the passenger seat up front were likely to get wrinkled if I left them where they were. So I snagged that bag while at a stoplight and reached behind me to lay it on the back seat. Almost screamed as pain ripped through my right shoulder and neck. I guess I pulled a muscle (funny, used to be able to do that move). By the time I got home, I had pain in neck, shoulder, arm and down the upper part of my back. Hit the Tylenol immediately but it was difficult getting to sleep last night and pain is still sticking around today.

Anyway, here is today's zip of Spring Fantasy:

Have something ready to put up for tomorrow but Sunday I will be off. Hugs!

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Deb Burroughs said...

Oh, no, Sherry, I hope the pain goes away soon! The elements here are wonderful!