Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Mid-week and more of Spring Fantasy

Tuesday was gone almost before I knew it! We had arranged to meet our youngest son, Eric, and his wife, Tanya and some of husband's former co-workers at Hooter's for all-you-can eat chicken wings. Not really my thing, but I went along. We left early so we could pick up one of hubby's former riders (hubby drove for local transit 42 years) at his job. We were about 15 minutes early to pick up the young man and I spotted a Hancock Fabrics in the same shopping center. Sadly, Hancock filed bankruptcy and is in the process of closing all stores. I needed a bag of stuffing to complete a baby project and if I could get it for less, so much the better. I browsed and got the stuffing plus a few odds and ends. At Hooters I asked our DIL to sit next to me so we could get better acquainted. The co-workers came in late, after we were finished with our dinners, but we stuck around to visit. Got home and both of us pretty much crashed in front of the TV.
Update on piracy issue. Pat determined that one of the people selling her products was someone she had been communicating with off and on for a couple of years. She closed the complaint after talking with the store, deciding to give benefit of doubt to the "designer." She could have misunderstood the statement on the web site. Since this discovery, Pat has updated website information to indicate that none of her free images can be claimed as one's own and cannot be sold as is. Hope that will keep others from taking advantage.

Today's Spring Fantasy:

More tomorrow!

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