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Monday, April 4, 2016

Coming soon - new freebie kit

Please bear with me. I'm working on a new free kit for you. Calling it Spring Fantasy. I hope you will find it charming. Included will be some lovely fantasy figures, created by a sweet and generous artist, Pat, of Pann's Place. I have been "talking" via internet to Pat for several days now after discovering that at least two so-called designers have been selling the Poser figures Pat generously gives away as their own creations! I was browsing a site that specializes in card making materials and some scrapping and my attention was grabbed when I spotted a set of Poser figures that looked just like the ones Pat had recently created. I was shocked by how similar these appeared, so I pulled up another window and compared the Poser tubes that were being sold with the one's on Pat's website. They were identical! While Pat sells a few sets, she mostly gives away her creations and I knew she didn't sell under a "re-sell" license. That is, you can't buy or take her free Posers and resell them as is. So I contacted her and also sent an alert to the store's owner. After looking into it, Pat found that not only was the designer I'd pointed out selling Pat's Posers - all the items she was selling and claiming to be her own were Pat's! Looking further, she found another person also selling her creations. The store wouldn't take a piracy complaint from a 3rd party (me) and I do understand that. I forwarded the information they gave me to Pat and she has written to the store with details and links to her site to show exactly what she was talking about. I'm now hoping to hear from her that these people have been forced to remove the pirated products. Isn't it sad that someone so kind and generous is being taken advantage of so?

I think I had mentioned that I was going out of town Saturday? My friend, Mary, had bought me a ticket to go to a concert put on by Keith Henderson who does Elvis tributes. Now my mother was a bigger Elvis fan than I am, but who doesn't love the King of Rock 'n Roll? We were running a little late after waiting for one of our party and then having to deal with some heavy rain and bad traffic. When we walked in, Keith was doing gospel in Elvis style. He has a wonderful voice and grew up loving Elvis and singing along to his music. He's been doing these tributes since 1978 when there were only about 5 people doing such and he has quite a following. The second half of the show was pure Elvis rock. Keith changed into a black and gold outfit of the type the King used to wear and put on quite a show, pulling members of the audience in for hugs (with scarves ala Elvis), dancing and singing. Really quite fun. To learn more check out his website:

We stopped for dinner at Crackerbarrel. Once home, I relaxed on the sofa to watch basketball. So relaxed, in fact, I fell asleep and hubby couldn't wake me up. Sweetie left a light on for me and about an hour or so later, I made my way to bed. Sunday I just relaxed and visited with my Dad.

Now here is the swatch I'm, working from for Spring Fantasy:
I will put some up tonight but first I'm going to have the dinner hubby prepared.

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