Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday again and more Spring Fantasy

It won't be strawberry season here until May, but Food Lion had some California berries yesterday and I couldn't resist. We had been talking about the days when we'd drive out to farms in Pungo and pick huge amounts of berries. Some for eating "naked," some for shortcake, some to freeze for shortcake and jam later, some for strawberry butter - so yummy on fresh biscuits. The CA berries seem to be a different variety than what is usually grown locally. These are larger and firmer and not quite as sweet. I just finished preparing some for shortcake tomorrow night and am taking a break.

I've been pretty productive today in ordinary terms. Did some laundry, picked up prescriptions, made homemade chicken potpie, and paid bills. Not bad. Just can't vacuum yet or lift much of anything. Shoulder doesn't hurt unless I drive, lift something (learned 5lbs of flour is too heavy) or turn wrong way. Hope to be doing well enough to go to pool on Wednesday. I won't swim, just do my aqua therapy exercises, going easy on those for arms.
Today in Spring Fantasy, we have another paper and 4 garden elements:
Tomorrow I should be able to post some photos of the pacifier clips and bunny lovey I've been crocheting.


Deb Burroughs said...

What a lovely selection today - thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!