Friday, January 22, 2016

Today's Purple Pause freebie

I have a little story to tell about today's paper. I went into the folder of my (homemade) overlays and thought one would be pretty in purple. Now the overlay is one I made from a William Morris print and consists of a black background with the flowers and stems transparent except for details. Thought about making a simple damask style paper but I was really seeing it, in my mind's eye, with more color. First I needed to turn the black background to purple. I then added a layer under it and filled it with the pinkish color. But those leaves and stems wanted to be green. That meant spending some time to color them green, then -going back over the pinkish layer to find errors - things that should have been left pink and places I didn't have enough green. Kept me occupied quite some time lol. Sure hope Deb likes it. I do feel very good about this zip with the pinkish bow and ribbon in satin to coordinate with the paper. Hope you like it.

P.S. Our snow has turned to rain but more snow is coming behind it. So glad hubby is retired and doesn't have to drive in what are sure to be icy conditions. Also, he loves to cook and now has more time to do it. Tonight he made macaroni and cheese from scratch and fried up some fresh flounder he picked up yesterday. It was so yummy!

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Deb Burroughs said...

That is an amazing paper - thank you so much for taking all of that time to re-do it!