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Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Reading Challenge Freebie

Yesterday, we had a visit from grandchildren, Tyler & Inara, their mother, Rachel, and Tyler's lovely girlfriend, Olivia. It was a late exchange of Christmas gifts and much catching up. Learned that not only is Rachel's father recovering from a stroke, but her mother has another fracture in her spine! Tyler's girlfriend loved the necklace we gave her but didn't know what the Claudaugh symbolizes. When I explained, we were wishing her love, friendship and loyalty, she seemed even more pleased. Tyler was well pleased with his skinny jeans and his Redskin gifts. He was wearing 3 layers of Redskin shirts in preparation for the afternoon's playoff game. (He was sorely disappointed when they lost the game.) Inara was pleased with her books and her Zoomer Zuppy, Pupstar. However, we learned that the interactive electronic puppy has some pretty complicated instructions. The rest of the day passed quickly with hubby watching football and me zoning out with a mild headache. Not surprising with weather going back and forth here.
Not going to be doing anything big in way of kit this month as the month is speeding by. Had hoped to give you a Color touch kit yesterday. Might get that posted later today. The rest of the month will be smaller stuff but I do hope to have something up every day from here on out.

Meanwhile, I zipped my reading challenge (changed those *s to numbers) and the blank report I made for keeping track. Here is an example of the reading report showing where I am so far:
Now you can see why I changed the *s to numbers - much easier to note the category or categories that a book fulfills. And here is the link:

Remember too that 2015 freebies will be removed from 4shared & dropbox by 1/15 to make room for 2016 zips. Haven't gotten any suggestions about what you might like to see so just playing it by ear. If you do have suggestions for themes, colors, types of scrap stuff you'd like to see, please comment here rather than on 4shared or dropbox as I don't often look for comments there.

And now I've off to do something useful: laundry, dishes, cook beef stew.


KM Miller said...

Hi Sherry,

I too spent part of the day watching my beloved Vikings lose the playoff game with a wide-left field goal attempt. Was so shocked I didn't move for 5 minutes!

As for suggestions on what I like to see....
My son and husband Motocross and I have oodles of pictures to digi scrap and have no elements or papers that deal with that extreme sport.

Thank you for all you do. I have so enjoyed all your scrapbooking elements and papers.


Deb Burroughs said...

I'm doing a reading challenge on Goodreads, too. I really like tracking my books that I have read on their site.

You asked for suggestions, but you already do what I like - elegant! I love all the different shades of purple, so a kit with some shade of that color would be awesome.

I really appreciate all that you do and the freebies you furnish. I'm also glad your health is better!

Blessings to you and yours...

SherryD said...

Hi Kristy, I confess I know next to nothing about Motocross so will have to do some research. Are there particular colors that are dominant in the sport? Or colors your guys use most often?

SherryD said...

Thanks for sweet compliment, Deb. How many books did you sign up to read this year? Purple is a prime color in my husband's family where my MIL, SIL, and each of SIL's girls have a signature color. Purple is it for MIL, SIL, and niece Joanna. Will see what I can do for ya.