Monday, January 18, 2016

More freebies_ Motocross Fun zip 3 & A Purple Pause zip 2

Just taking it easy today after doing a lot of coughing last night. Last couple of days have had short episodes of chills but don't know why. Stayed in PJs today, watched daytime TV with hubby and did a little bit with the new kits. In a few minutes I'll deal with some dishes and put some folded laundry away. I'd best get it together and accomplish something tomorrow.

Sandi, one of the ladies in my Red hat group posted her photos from yesterday and I created this page:
Notice the caption in upper left corner.

Now for today's freebies. Motocross Fun zip 3
Kristy, thanks for info. I hope you got the fixed link.

And for A Purple Pause, zip 2

Hope these are okay.

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Deb Burroughs said...

Thanks so much for the new pieces to the kits! I love PJ days - I may get one tomorrow as we are likely to be snowed in for a two or three days. My PJ's and robe are warmer than my clothes are! I hope you get over your coughing soon.