Sunday, January 24, 2016

Remembering Pauline

My husband's mother died in route to the hospital today. She was 88, her signature color was purple (hence purple in my page above), was famous for her Sicilian style pizza, loved life, had fantastic, fun stories from her youth, and always told us that there is enough to cry about in life. We should take every opportunity to laugh and enjoy life. She was talking with her daughter and working a Sudoku puzzle when she just slumped forward and slid out of her chair. At first they thought she had fallen asleep and BIL noticed her breathing was shallow. He started doing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and then the youngest daughter walked in and checked her heartbeat. She had some training as a paramedic and began CPR while SIL called the EMTs. EMTs told the family they would take her to ER but were doubtful she would make it as her heartbeat was irregular and slow. While she will be missed, We are thankful that God took her home gently.

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makeyesup said...

So sorry about your Mother-in-law, prayers are with you and your family. Sounds like she enjoyed life and made others around her do the same.